Where To Eat And Drink In Cardiff

A very entertaining way to spend a few hours in Cardiff would be to eat somewhere special and have a sip or more of tasty wine or beer. The Welsh, and especially the people living in Cardiff, are famous for their exquisite taste in food and their gifted chefs that prepare meals with Welsh meat and vegetables, plus those secret ingredients that make each dish incredibly tasty. The lamb, beef, vegetables, shellfish or salmon have never tasted better than those made by the Welsh chefs.

If you are in the mood for some great food and wine, just go Cardiff’s city centre, in the Brewery Quarter, where you can find all sorts of restaurants offering local and international cuisine. There are also other restaurants in other parts of the city, these also being great venues to please your appetite.

The list of restaurants and places to dine is endless in Cardiff.
If you go to the Armless Dragon on 97 Wyeverne Road, Cathays, you will be welcomed by a lot of Welsh specialities and you can have a pleasurable meal in a relaxing atmosphere.

For some oriental food go to Bar Oriental. You can enjoy the special cocktails in this bar, located in Mermaid Quay.
Are you looking for something new? Check out the Bali restaurant which will offer you a wide range of specialities from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The bar is on 30-32 Caroline Street.

If you want to watch a cooking show, go to the Bayside Brasserie, which has an open kitchen as well as a pleasant view over Cardiff Bay. They serve all sorts of fish dishes and dishes prepared with meat, so this is not a place for vegans. However, a good place for vegans and vegetarians is the Crumbs Salad Restaurant, which will offer you numerous choices of huge salads, all served in wooden bowls. Another great venue for vegetarians is the Greenhouse Cafe, where organic and seasonal ingredients are used.

Take a glimpse at Italy’s finest recipes at Bella Italia, and taste the spaghetti and pizzas they make here with Italian ingredients. This restaurant is on 6 High Street. If you want to compare Italian dishes, you can also check out Bella Pasta, which is a traditional Italian restaurant in the Red Dragon Centre. Or you can go to 48 Charles Street, to the Capsule Space and Cantina restaurant.

For Turkish traditional food, visit Bosphorus on Mermaid Quay and you will be able to sample Turkey’s best dishes served in a pleasant ambiance. Listen to some jazz at Cafe Jazz, with live bands playing on a regular basis. For Moroccan food, go to Casablanca, a great place for couples. The Celtic Cauldron will offer you specific Welsh dishes in an atmosphere that will remind of the legendary times of Wales.
For Spanish Tapas, go to Champers on St Mary’s Street. There is also an open kitchen here, so you can witness your food being made.
Are you up for a large steak? Go to Charleston’s Brasserie, a place that is decorated in the 1920s style. Another place to eat a good steak is the Taurus Steak House on St. Mary Street.

China China is a restaurant where you can eat Chinese dishes. The place is on St Mary Street.  Would you rather taste some Mexican food? Then Chiquito is the place for you. It is located in the Old Brewery Quarter. Da Venditto is a restaurant that has been awarded with the AA restaurant of the year 2003, so check it out on 7-8 Park Place. For the French Cuisine lovers, the Dome will offer you the best wine in a relaxing romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is at Atlantic Wharf.

If you want food served in a Swedish buffet, you should go to El Puerto, where you can choose from all kinds of fish and meats to put on your plate. An elite place in Cardiff is the Elements Champagne Bar and Restaurant, but make sure you book well in advance. The place is in Harbor Drive. If you would just like some fish and chips while you are visiting Cardiff, stop at Harry Ramsdens, placed in the very heart of Cardiff bay.  Juboraj is the restaurant that brings Indian and Bangladeshi dishes to Wales. It is located on 10 Mill Lane. For Peking, Szechuen and South East Asian cuisine, check out the Noble House on Wood Street.

The Norwegian Church will offer you the best choice of Scandinavian dishes, and you can also enjoy the art exhibition at this restaurant.

As you can see, there are various themed restaurants scattered all around Cardiff. If you haven’t decided yet on what type of cuisine you would like, go to Belllini’s , where you’ll find food from all around the world prepared in delicious dishes.

If you are full, and would like to drink something instead, you can choose from a wide range of wines, not to mention the delicious beers of Wales. You will find a multitude of bars on St. Mary Street.

Mill Lane and the Mermaid Quay are also places crammed with bars and clubs, so you can check them out one by one.

Cardiff Bay is another place to go when you want some ‘Brains’, which refers to the local brewery, producer of Cardiff’s most popular pint.

Choose from the Buffalo Bar, Bar XS, Buff’s Wine Bar, Fat Cat Café Bar, Floyd’s Bar, Kiwi’s, Lava’s Lounge, Rummer Tavern, Rosie’s Bar, Salt, The Wharf, The Yard, Tiger Tiger, Varsity, Zync Bar…..the list could continue much longer.

All in all, Cardiff is a city that will offer you great sights, delicious food and, last but not least, good beer, perhaps even the best. Going out in a bar or a restaurant is a popular activity, and fortunately Cardiff has endless offers, so that no one is excluded.