Dating Tips

Be Safe

Remain Anonymous

Be very careful when giving out your personal details. This includes your real e-mail address, mobile phone number, address or place of work. Take advantage of the privacy features of the site and get to know the other person before revealing too much.
I do not recommend you use any of the totally free dating sites, generally there is no privacy (your contact and email address are published for everyone to see) and as they make no money, there is no one to turn to if you do find yourself being harassed by another member.
Our site and any of the ones we recommend have excellent support and will take any complaint of harassment very seriously.

Meeting for the first time in Cardiff

Meet in a public place - a cafe, pub or restaurant.
Do not agree to meet anywhere where you will feel unsafe. Just say no or suggest somewhere to your liking. If he/she is genuine they will not mind.
Tell someone who you are meeting, where and when. Arrange to call them at a set time after your date so they will know you are alright.
Finally remember that most people are kind, genuine and would not dream of harming you. You are there to enjoy yourself so have fun!